I hate this company with there over priced vehicles and over priced payments. They are setting up minorities who can't afford the payments and taking advantage by hiring *** artist and felons who have jusy been released from prison to scam and *** hard working people that are in of a vehicle.

They tell you want you want to hear just to put you in a vehicle, they even go as far as changing your information on your check stubs and change dates on expired identification cards just to get the sale and there you go, you have just signed your soul to a ***. SHOP HIM LAST, RUNAWAY FAST, EITHER WAY DONT GO SEE *** CLAY COOLEY

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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There is an ACTIVE lawsuit against this company...Would you like to tell your story?... Contact me for details at: adtsalesagent@gmail.com


Would you be interested in telling your story?

Trenton, Texas, United States #1354311

I just went ballistic in the showroom after they promised to bring a car for my family and I to look at and the entire time from when we got there they danced around the fact it was never brought from the dealer. After driving 80 miles round trip and my wife leaving work early.

They tried to move me from spot to spot while they try and figured out how to tell me.

Very very unprofessional and will never get my business or any other Veteran I know as well as the entire VA I volunteer at and I am now going to a real dealer at Randall Reed who truly cares for each and every customer. Especially Veterans.


Clay Cooley screwed a friend of minds 27 year old son. He went in to the Clay Cooley dealer ship and they sold him a new used car at "18%" interest with a credit score of 750 now that's just WRONG Clay Cooley!

First time buyer and the Dealer ship took advantage of the young man.

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