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Please contact me if you had any issues with Clay Cooley in Dallas, TX. I am needing people to band with me to stop the lies and bully tactics with there customers. Do not waste your time trying to contact Clay Cooley himself or any of his managing staff with your issues. They could care less about you. It's all about their numbers and we are the numbers.You will have a better chance of God calling you back before them! I recently purchased a brand new vehicle from them last month and was lied about the condition of the vehicle when it was transported to me here in Spring TX. Thank god the transport company noted the damage before he delivered it to me or they would have blamed him. Once again, I am only needing people that dealt with Clay Cooley Nissan in Dallas, TX only. Here's is my contact info.

281 744 3933

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I was completely lied to by the salesman and the finance guy. I would like to talk to someone or be involved in any lawsuit.Please contact me


There is an ACTIVE lawsuit against this company...Would you like to tell your story?... Contact me for details at:


i am looking to talk with someone about my issues with clay Cooley it is an now issue I've been dealing with for 4 months i can't get anyone to contact me back and when a person did contact me they offered a solution that they couldn't lock and seal.. I've been ran around blocks over and over I'm tried of this rin around looking to solve my problem with them Now.. my credit is at stake

to Anonymous #1084813


You are wasting your time trying to contact anyone their. They could careless.

Trust me. I've tried that avenue with them. You need to talked with an attorney. Please give me your email address.

I will send you my attorney's info.

She'll give you some good advise. I am so amazed how the dealership stays in business including their Austin location.

Saint Charles, Missouri, United States #905762

I'm having severe issues at their location in St Louis. They actually accepted my car as a trade in without me or my signature on the title.

Dallas, Texas, United States #896834

First of all, if you want to write something about Clay Cooley Nissan you must write the truth, and the truth is we've contacted two other Nissan dealers that you purchased a GT-R from. You have purchased two cars from two other dealerships and did the same thing to them.

A few days after receiving the car you've sent your own independent inspector to inspect the vehicle and everything was well, yet you insisted on returning both of them in the past. I believe you must work on your own issues, before you work on ours. We believe you have a big issue. We sell 400+ new cars per month, and our customer satisfaction index is 97.7%, which is the highest of Nissan customer satisfaction.

So please work on your issues before you work on ours, and that way you'll realize you're the issue, not us. We all know in Dallas, TX that Clay Cooley Nissan is the best.

to A happy customer of Clay Coole Spring, Tx, United States #896862

Nice talking points, but you need to lay off the Clay Cooley Kool-Aid. Have a great weekend.

to A happy customer of Clay Coole Dallas, Texas, United States #969435

A Happy Customer? Really??

Sounds like you are A Happy Relative or Clay Cooley himself! Clay Cooley in Dallas is ridiculous! Can got say Shyster? I've provided the definition for you as follows, but if you take the time to look it up you'll most likely find Clay's picture!

Shyster is derived from the German term scheisser, meaning literally “one who defecates,” from the verb scheissen, “to defecate,” with the English suffix -ster, “one who does,” substituted for the German suffix -er, meaning the same thing.

Generally used to describe someone who is untrustworthy, money grabbing and full of ***!

As I was saying: I purchased a Fiat Abarth from them; decked out including Perelli tires, which began insidiously going flat within the first 5000 miles. They initially told me there was no warranty and I would have to pay full price, however when I became assertive with the manager I was told they'd only charge me "cost" (Gee, thanks Clay! That's big of you!

) I marked the tire that gave me the most trouble, without their knowledge. When I returned to pick my car up I was told "no charge". "Wow", I thought. Then I got my car home and discovered the following: 1.

They had NOT replaced the tire they had MOVED it! 2. The custom Logo valve stem covers I had purchased were gone! ; and 3.

When I washed my car I discovered that they had scratched the front under part of my car, presumably bottoming it out on their step exit incline when test driving it! LESSON? : NOTHING IS FREE. I called the Manager and left a message relating my experience and never received a return call.

They also took my other car in trade without title or signature and took my plates! I have had other issues with two sensors, which they never took care of. LESSON?

: BUYER BEWARE OF CLAY COOLEY, the "Best dealer in Dallas"! Ha!

You need to raise your standards Relative of Clay!!!!!!!!!

to ZenRN Spring, Tx, United States #972644

I feel your pain ZenRN. We are not the only ones out there.

I have had calls from military vets that serve our country and senior citizens getting the same treatment. I guess the good news is that they do not discriminate. They shaft anyone with a heartbeat. I was told from an ex-employee friend that they use false emails, so they will not get bad reviews from Nissan.

That explains why the brag about their 97.7% customer satisfaction.

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