I was recently in search of a new, reliable vehicle. I was informed that Clay Cooley could get anyone in a car, so I decided to take my business there. I am a teacher and a single parent of two children, so money and time are scarce. I had a trade-in vehicle, and a co-signer with excellent credit. I went on Friday, August 15, 2008. I signed my portion of the contract that day, and was able to drive away with a vehicle. The car was driven to my co-signer’s house on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 by Richard Baker (salesman) with my fiancé so she (Mrs. Robertson) could sign her portion of the contract. She signed and I thought everything was in the clear. Days later we were told that the bank backed out of the deal because we took too long with the paper work. The salesman, Richard Baker, told me there was another bank that would finance for me with an additional $1000.00. I informed him that there was no way that I could come up with that kind of money. He told me he would get back with me. On Sunday, August 24, I noticed the tire had two major defects, and I was told by others in the church parking lot it could blow out at any moment. On Tuesday, August 26, 2008, Tommy Gallatin

(sales manager) called me and told me the car had to be on the lot tonight so the bank could account for it. When I told him they would have to come get it because of the tire he instantly became angry and rude. Richard Baker called me back and said I could keep the car as long as I would give a “promise to pay check.”

Before purchasing the new tire from Discount Tire Co. I was assured that the deal with the car was settled. I was given false information that led me to believe the car deal would be final. I was told to go ahead and bring the car to the dealership by Sales Rep, Richard Baker, and everything would be okay. I asked him again if everything was okay, because the left driver side tire needed to be replaced. I was not willing to put the faulty tire on the highway with my children in the car. He again assured me to go ahead and do that and come to the dealership and give him the "promise to pay" check of $1000.00. I pulled up into the car dealership, and he informed me that they will not except a check, but it had to be $1000.00 in cash. I said I do not have that much money right now, as we had previously discussed. Richard told me to wait while he helped his other customers. I waited for about 45 minutes with my young children in the car. By this time it was nearly 8 o'clock. He came back once and said "Let me see what I can do, I think I done messed this thing up. I think I said too much." He left, and I continued to wait. I saw him pace back and forth from the back of the office to the front, and ignored the fact that I was still sitting in the parking lot waiting on a response. I finally decided to leave and go home. The next day he came to my job with a ridiculous deal... I could have my co-signer become the only signer, and I just make the monthly payments. I would not agree to this, and my only other option was to give the car back to the dealership. Of course I did it, because I did not want to be breaking any laws. This left me having to find a ride from work and a ride for my children from daycare. My fiancé went to the car dealership and told Richard I wanted a refund for the tire. As Richard was discussing the matter with the Sales Manager, Tommy Gallatin, my fiancé overheard him say "They must be f*cking crazy!" He refused to give me my money back, and said that tire was a part of the car now. On Monday, September 1, my mom and myself went to speak with Mr. Gallatin. He was extremely argumentative, even to the point of us having to put our hands up in defense of his words. He would not allow us to speak long enough to get our point across. We continued to inform him we did not come to argue. He went into all these details about all the money he could have charged me for the days I was in possession of the car. I still did not understand what this had to do with my tire. He made it seem as if that was the least I could do, since he had done me this "favor." He said that we backed out of the deal so I was responsible for the tire. This is not the truth. Both my co-signer and I signed the original contract; the one they later said "did not go through." I still don't understand what this has to do with the tire I purchased for the car I thought would be mine. I asked where the contract was, and I got no response. He informed us that there was no customer service department, and that he was "it." He also said he was the complaint department as well. We asked him for his business card, and he said he did not have one. We requested for him to write his information for us. He wrote only his name on the back of a Dallas Cowboys 2008 schedule. We had to ask for his position, and all other information to Mr. Clay Cooley. He tried to discourage us from contacting Mr. Cooley, and the better business bureau by saying they would just agree with him. He stood up over us and said "I coulda got a tire for $60.00." Again, I still don't understand what that has to do with the fact that I purchased a new tire under false pretense. Both times I attempted to receive my refund, I presented him with a receipt because I thought it would be a simple matter.

I do not like conflict or dispute, but I know when I have been treated unfairly and as an inferior. I feel as if the customer service at this Clay Cooley location was very poor. They were contradictory, rude, intimidating, and over all very unconcerned. I simply want a refund for the tire I purchased.

Thank you for immediate attention,

Kaniesha Versey

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Dear Mr clay Cooley, I was recently looking to buy a car from you?? But didn't get help from yous my father bought 4 cars from Mr.clay Cooley dealership, but i was wanting to get into a new car from you, but that didn't happen??

Didn't get no discount from you sir!!! So please Mr Clay can u help me out!!!


I hadnt experienced what yall have clay cooly has been nothing but good to me well the one on i20 and wheat-land when im late on a payment they work with me. ps my credit score was 430 and i didnt need a co singer and i work at whataburger as a cashier

Thanks to james the sales guy who helped me


I had the same experience wit clay cooley. I was also treated in the same manner.

I am still fighting them today to remove the outstanding balance of over 14k for a vechile i did not purchase from both my husbands and my credit report. This has been going on since October of 2007 and I have filed multiple disputes with the 3 major credit bureaus with no relief.

So good luck on your situation your going to need. I am really surprised they are still in business actually with the way the treat their customers.


This is a typical *** of car salesmen. They take your money and tell you you're approved and then they back out of the deal on some bogus excuse.

I have went through this a couple of times. My suggestion is to get a lawyer.

BTW most of these people complaining and saying Obama is the reason car dealerships are failing, car salesmen are the reason they are failing in sales. Stop trying to *** people and just sale cars like you're suppose to.


I can understand your point of this. I was in this same dealership on Saturday, 10-11-2008.

Dealing with the same salesman and So Called Manager. They are very unprofessional and I do not know how they are still in business.

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