I have a friend that works there. He said the boss there was a drug dealer, that only worked there as a front.

He sells pills to all the employees.

apparently there is no drug testing there.they will sell u a car u cant afford so they can take it back. they tell u your interest is one amount and then they make it a different amount that u dont notice on all the *** papers u have to sign BEWARE these doped up people that work there are all crooks if u want drugs do there if not, well dont go there

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*** clay cooley they had my car for two months when I came to pick up my keys it took them an hour ..and chris watson fat mexican *** sit his *** *** at da desk.like he's *** n didn't do his job I how he gets fired ...he a lazy piece of *** ..and the lady at da front desk don't hve brains

Frisco, Texas, United States #683128

Its no secret clay rips off people in need. Good credit, not gonna get ripped off.

Bad credit...

get ready to be bent over. I wish when I had bought my car there that they had given me a bottle of vasoline with the key.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #627234

:x sounds like my kind of place


Why dont you get a life and mind your OWN BUSINESS before you get a SLANDER SUIT SNOOPY SNIFFER!! :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

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