I sold a vehicle to this business and they changed the paperwork to reflect a difference of the above amount which they refuse to refund to me. On May 17, 2018, I took my vehicle to Clay Cooley Hyundai in Rockwall, TX in hopes of selling the vehicle to them.

The vehicle was driven and appraised. I was helped by a very nice man whose name is Matt. Matt came back with a figure and we negotiated back and forth with him going to his sales manager each time I think I might have been one of Matt's first customers. Finally we reached an amount I could live with - $18,000.

Matt turned over the appraisal sheet which had figures all over it, drew a line, wrote $18,000 above it and had me sign it. While he was in the sales office I took out my phone, to determine about how much I was going to have to pay out of pocket as my payoff I knew was a little over $19,000. Matt came back and said the amount you need to write is $2241.00. I told Matt that was incorrect, because according to my math, it should have been about $1200.

Matt talked with the sales manager and came back. He said maybe you have a payment that has not posted and some added interest. If that is the case, you should get a refund from us. I didn't argue this point as I had just made a payment.

Matt was nice enough to take me home and on the way I called my granddaughter and told her what they had given me for the vehicle (it was her car that I had purchased for her). I also told my son the same thing when I got home. A few weeks later, I got my paperwork from the lienholder and to my surprise, my payoff amount was just as I thought - a little over $19,000 and that is the amount that Clay Cooley Hyundai has paid. I knew at that time that I was owed a refund.

I called and left message several times for the finance manager, calls were never returned. I did talk with him once an he indicated that sometimes it takes some time to process the refunds but it would be sent once the figures were reconcilled. I also sent two letters that were never answered. Thursday, July 26th, I called the finance department again and finally a lady called me back.

She proceeded to tell me that they did not give me $18,000 for the car but $17,000. I asked about the sheet of paper that I signed stating I agreed on $18,000. It was not part of the file. Friday, July 27, I took time from my only day off in 34 days to go to the dealership and attempt to talk to them in person regarding my issue.

They produced a piece of paper that I had signed stating the purchase price was $17,000. I do remember signing a couple of papers, but apparently I didn't see the figures. I know that is my fault, but I had been there several hours and wanted to get the deal done and go home. They refused to give me a refund.

There is paperwork missing and then they told they could not talk to the sales manager about it because he no longer worked there. Wonder why? I did talk with Matt (the salesman) while I was there and he remembered me signing the back of the "missing" paperwork. I honestly feel I was taken advantage of as a single woman going to a vehicle dealership.

If I truly did not think they made me the $18,000 offer on the vehicle, why would I even spend my time with all of this. Why would I question the payoff at the time of purchase, why would I make phone all after phone call, and why would I take the time to write two unanswered letters? I am not stupid, have dementia or an uneducated woman. I am a widow and have no choice but to handle things on my own.

All I wanted is to get someone to think about this from my point of view and not what is on a piece of paper. I know I signed that paper, and apparently did not look at the figures that were wrong, but does it not make sense in the many things that I have pointed out that our agreement was $18,000?

Reason of review: Failure to be told the truth.

Monetary Loss: $978.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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