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I was contacted by a sales rep. On face book asking me I looking for a car.

Because they ate having a big sale . They said I was pre-approved for zero down. to bring the stuff I was ask to bring and u would be driving off in a car today. Well I get up here and now I've set here in the lobby for almost five hours with then waking pass me not saying.

A word to me but they have me call about 10 different people to be on the note with me. Andi did they still are waiting in the lobby . Every time they walked passed me they saying everytime that it just going to be one more min. Cuz we're getting you and your son on there and I'm still here.

And they haven't said anything but hang on. I told thin that I didn't want to waste my time our their time. . What bad is they contacted me about getting acar and I was pre-approved and to make sure I had my insurance car and I would be driving off in a car today.

Not matter that it took. And the car I have that hlthe transsion went out on I am in good standing with and they .see that. .now why would any contact you at home and said they got you approved to pick you out acar .when you driver aa 100 miles cuz they say you are approved and they will do everything they have to for you drive off in a car. When the only thing that are doing on there power is making sure I setting her and waiting with no one doing a dam thing but taking everyone information and then not coming back.

Back to me is this how you do things . When they contact me I didn't contact the

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