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I am amazed that this place is still in business. First, the SALES experience: We were looking for a car for our teenage daughter. Found a 2014 Charger at this dealership. Of note, not one of the vulture like sales persons knew anything appreciable about the car or its operations. They WERE however very concerned with making sure they were seen talking to us to get a part of the commission on the sale. Then the classic bait and switch (read that as Deceptive Trade Practices under the Texas Business and Commerce Code) in that at the last minute, knowing that we were planning a timed surprise gift of the car to our daughter, they jacked up the price almost 2K for unwanted "dealer add-ons" despite the fact that we had agreed on an "out the door" price.

Second, SERVICE: My wife made an appointment to get the windows tinted, adjust the nitrogen filled tires, and a minor fix to the tailpipe (replace bracket). My wife shows up on time but was told she was not on the schedule. She was told she would have to wait 4 hours in order to squeeze her in despite having an appointment and also that they did not have the bracket on hand. She rescheduled. Returned at the new date and time. She waited in the grimy and cramped waiting area. After FOUR HOURS, someone noticed that the car had not even been moved! All of the staff blamed each other (It was "fleet's" fault; it was "service's" fault; it was a "we owe" issue, etc.). Finally after an astonishing SIX HOURS, she got the car. I checked the tires when she got home. They had 45- 47 PSI! They tried to tell my wife it was because it was hot outside and they expanded. NONSENSE! the main reason to have nitrogen is the absence of fluctuation of tire pressures due to changes in weather. In other words, the PSI does not significantly vary like ordinary air. I called the service guy who admitted that he just topped them off with regular air just to get my wife out of there. He also apologized for lying to my wife when he said that the high PSI was no big deal as the tires were rated to comfortably run at 42 PSI. This is a lie. I inspected the tires which were rated at a MAXIMUM of 42 PSI (recall they put 45-47 in the tires). This is a safety issue indeed. I asked if he would feel comfortable as a dad with his daughter's safety driving the car in Dallas Fort Worth traffic with such overly inflated tires... He did apologize and said to just come back (20miles away) and they would drain them and fill them with nitrogen. That was 4 weeks ago. I took time off work and went over there and waited. They brought the car back and said sorry but they were out of nitrogen. Each time I try to call, I get put on hold and many times, hung up on. Nobody and answer simple questions like "do you have nitrogen"?

We have been absolutely amazed at the lack of attention to detail, the complete absence of customer care and the sheer incompetence of this dealership. I have tried MANY times to reach out to the Service Manager, Mr. Eric Sanchez, as well to Mr. Chase Cooley (whom I met during the sales phase), to discuss the above and a myriad of other troubles with this dealership. I just want to let them know just how bad this place is being run. Not one time has anyone bothered to call me back. Not once despite many calls to them. The take away? From my perspective, they just do not care once they get your money. I do not want anything for free as a concession for the dismal performance of their sales and service departments. I simply wanted to draw their attention to the problems because if they do not know, they can't fix it. They just do not seem to care. Perhaps this posting and the many others I plan to post will get their attention so that they can fix the problems. At very least, all potential buyers will go into a business relationship with both eyes open after reading this and the many other complaint posts about this Clay Cooley Dodge dealership.

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