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I'm devastated, livid, & my emotions are running everywhere after dealing with the rude salesmen's at Clay Cooley! They don't have no respect for women or themselves!

Very rude and reckless! Clay hired you to represent his place of business, making sure that his customers are happy and satisfied! You are not WORKING FOR FREE...I know he is paying you guys good....My experience.....I went to Clay Cooley in Farmer's Brach by the Galleria Mall right off of 635..I was so happy when I walked in. He asked me what was my budget!!

I told him $350 and NOTHING OVER....including GAP insurance...he then came back with a paper that had $450...I'm like I can't afford that price...He said come back in 7 months and it will drop once you refinance it! This was on a Friday night...So after telling me the car was $26,000 total...I was like okay I'll see you in 7 months he handed me an envelope and I went home...Got to work on Saturday morning and opened the envelope...THE TOTAL price OF THE CAR WAS $36,000k..I called him immediately & he said....YOU PUT a $1,600 down payment and he said he gave me a $2,000 REBATE...which leaves the total for $32,000!! I SAID I can't afford this car and I'm returning it!!! I went to the dealership that Saturday night (24 hours)12/16/2017 and tried to return it!

He explained that the finances charges were over 6k plus 4K for a service contract..HE DIDN'T EVEN MENTION THE SERVICE CONTACT UNTIL THAT SATURDAY NIGHT...I'm still saying I don't won't it!! He called me Tuesday 12/19/17 and said call the bank...& I DID...& I told them I didn't won't the car and I couldn't afford it and I was mislead & I will be returning the car back that night! 2nd attempt...Walked in tried to give the car back...They was very rude & everybody in the office was laughing at me as they are discussing their plan to discourage me.....and Sergio (spell check) comes out & says it's not our fault that you don't have any lack of knowledge when it comes to buying cars...(Basically he saying we F****D u and there is nothing u can do about it). I said I told the bank I can't afford the car...SERGIO SAYS...Well If we take a loss from COMPASS bank U WILL TAKE A LOSS AS WELL...You will not get your DOWN PAYMENT BACK...THOSE ARE CLAY COOLEY's POLICIES!!

I asked him could I see that in writing (black and white)....He couldn't show me that....I tried handing the car keys over to Sergio...he told me it's not our car anymore it's the bank..Call them and they will come & get it!! I didn't wanna leave the car stranded b/c if something happens to it..THEN IT WILL STILL B ON ME...$32,000 at that...I don't wanna ruin my credit....ALL IM SAYING IS TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS NICE...CLAY DON'T LET THESE DISRESPECTFUL GUYS RUIN YOUR IMAGE & NAME BECAUSE THEY DON'THAVE ANY RESPECT....MAKE SURE YOU EXPLAIN THE CORRECT AMOUNT WHEN PPL R BUYING CARS....That was very wrong for u guys to take advantage of me the way u did....I was mislead and blinded by the FAKE SMILES...AGAIN ALEX WAS NOT RUDE, I just WISH HE WOULD'VE EXPLAINED EVERYTHING TO ME UPFRONT THAT NIGHT....(RASHEEM & SERGIO don't have any customer services skills) now that the BANK DIDN'T APPROVE THE LOAN...They said the GM (DANNY) WILL NOT RETURN MY DOWN PAYMENT.....I talked to the GM 12/21/2017 and THOUGHT HE WOULD HAVE MANNERS AND SOME TYPE OF RESPECT...HE WAS WORSE THAN THE EMPLOYEES....he was VERY NASTY OMG...What kind of ppl DO U HAVE WORKING FOR YOU?? he said You SCREWED THE DEAL AT THE BANK & now YOU ARE TRYING TO FIND WAYS OF GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK....here are your options...Come back up here and resign the contact and get another car or I'll give your money back...I will check the MILEAGE ON THE CAR IT's $2.27 a mile and I'm 1,000 % sure you won't get your money back!!! Since you had the car for over a week) I took pictures of the mileage and car...before I left...It was only 221 miles on the car with a half tank of gas...the same gas the DEALERSHIP PUT IN THERE) I have TEXT MESSAGES TO PROVE THIS...& I RECORDED ALL THREE CONVERSATIONS....he said you had the car for 7 days...LIES I TRIED TO RETURN IT twice within 3 days....YOU GUYS WOULD NOT TAKE it....RIPOFF....IT's to close to the HOLIDAYS AND I HAVE CHILDREN FOR THEM JUST TO TAKE $1600 away from me....EITHER WAY COME SEE CLAY..NO EITHER WAY STAY AWAY!

I don't recommend this CARLOT TO ANYONE!!! Stay away! Take your money else where! I should've read the other reviews before I went!

This place is horrible!! I have seen animals get treated way better than the way I was treated!

Review about: Clay Cooley Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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